The Neapolitan style was born in the shadow of Vesuvius several centuries ago, and embodies the style and elegance of a people and its culture in the mastery of tailors. The ancient Neapolitan tailoring is a perfect union of style and refinement. Current yesterday as today as a symbol of innate elegance, Neapolitan tailoring is not just craftsmanship, it is creativity, tradition, human warmth and also genius . A way of working and a recognition that has long been conquering the world.

The characteristics of a tailored suit made in Naples

The Neapolitan jacket is universally recognized for its ever-present details that guarantee its uniqueness. The sleeve of the Neapolitan jacket is typically narrower than normal, it is also cut shorter to allow a more evident exit of the cuff . The upper part of the sleeve shows the characteristic of being “ curled “, which in addition to having an original visual effect, allows you to move with ease.

Another of the features that make it possible to recognize the Neapolitan jacket is the characteristic “boat” pocket with a more pronounced upper corner, an aesthetic quirk, which makes the pocket look like a small boat. The feature is also present in the side pockets , which are made with a rounded patch profile. All the pockets are sewn with double stitching inside and outside, a detail as subtle as it is elegant which then extends to the entire jacket.

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